Why should I become a CLEC?

  1. State by State mandated 13 to 37 percent wholesale rates on circuits and services for reseller CLECs
  2. Greater discounts of 20 to 57 percent below-tariff wholesale rates on circuits and services for facility-based CLECs
  3. Offer service to your Customers only available as a CLEC
  4. Availability of carrier class services (UNE's) unavailable at retail levels
  5. Most importantly, the ability to profit from the telecom services used by existing customer base and community
  6. Ability to be a "Peer" to the ILEC instead of just a customer

Why should I become a UNE-P CLEC?

UNE-P CLEC's can Bill and Keep up to $10 per line of CABS Revenue from Res. lines each month, collected from long distance carriers! Bell/Verizon are stealing this revenue stream. Avg. 2ยข/min. when your Customers Make/Receive Long Distance Calls, including Toll-Free!

UNE-P CLEC's Keep 100% of the "FCC Line Charges" they collect instead of paying them to Bell/Verizon @ $6/mo. per line!

Using the above two revenue sources, UNE-P CLEC's can pay their ILEC bills and keep all of the revenue they collect from their End Users, including Feature Revenues & L.D. Revenues!

UNE-P CLEC's collect a 55% Commission on Outgoing Collect Calls instead of blocking these calls! The average Commission is: $5.74/call!

UNE-P CLEC's can Sell Prepaid Direct Dialed '1' or '011' long distance to their End Users, + sell Voice Mail service to them, both at a significant profit, and with no risk whatsoever!

UNE-P CLEC's cost for Suspends and Restores are a small fraction of their resale cost!

A UNE-P CLEC serving Prepaid or Postpaid Customers can make a Gross Profit of 50%-70%

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