Frequently Asked Questions about CLECs


The Telecom Act of '96 has created more opportunities for the "Next Generation Teleco's" than any other opportunity in the history of telecommunications. These opportunities have never been more pursued than the movement by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to profit from both Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) status and InterExchange (IXC) status and by moving into the ISP/CLEC arena. CLEC Strategies has teamed up with industry leaders to provide the ISP/CLEC "Total Solution"

What is a CLEC?

A CLEC is a telephone company regulated by the same rules and regulations as the local operating company presently serving the community. It is a Competitive Local Exchange Carrier in competition with the ILEC or Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (usually the Regional Bell Operating Company (RBOC) or other Independent Telephone Company such as Verizon, Sprint, Ameritech, etc ). The CLEC offers the same type of services to its customers as previously provided by the ILEC.


How do I become a CLEC?

In some states the process can be a long and complex procedure requiring the services of a Regulatory Attorney or Contracting Firm. The first item required is to file for a CLEC license from the State Public Utilities Commission within your operational area. The PUC will require a list of service costs or Tariff Charges for each service you will provide. Call us today at 813-470-7094 to discuss your state's requirements.


Then What?

The next step after you obtain your CLEC authorization is to file an interconnection or resale agreement with the local ILEC or other CLEC. This allows the CLEC to connect to customers via ILEC or other CLEC facilities, often called UNEs or Unbundled Network Elements. Copies of some completed Interconnection Agreements are usually available from the ILEC to use as a guideline for your filing. These are public documents. Along with this procedure is the ILEC or CLEC Account, which includes many elements based on what the needs of your operation are going to be! Please call CLEC Strategies at 813-470-7094 and ask for a Telecom Manager for more information.Example Interconnect


How do I turn this CLEC operation into profit for my investors?

This is a complex question with many answers. Before deciding to enter into the CLEC arena, the investors should have a plan of interconnection to an existing customer base that will start the income process. The prospective CLEC should already begin to offer services on a "Switch-as-is" basis before their switch is in service. This establishes a customer base to move onto the switch after it is operational.


If you have additional questions, please call 866-881-3229 and ask for the Telecom Manager. CLEC Strategies will provide you with the latest information or point you to the solution for your question.