CLEC Implementation Process


Reseller Based and UNE-P CLEC Implementation Process

  • File with PSC for CLEC status
  • File and obtain operating codes needed
  • File and obtain Interconnection/Resale Agreement with LEC of choice
  • Establish wholesale account with LEC
  • Schedule provision and billing training with LEC or qualified trainer
  • OSS Setup including all Vendors.
  • Kickoff test and marketing strategy

Facilities Based CLEC Implementation Process

  • File with PSC for CLEC status
  • Select and rank target cities and LATA(s)
  • Identify and define local rate structure, determine total of NXX codes per LATA
  • Identify possible site locations for ( Customer ) central offices
  • Identify space needs for (1) switch, (2) transport facilities, (3) power & battery plant, (4) emergency generator plant
  • File for ILEC Interconnect Agreement
  • Review franchise/right of way requirements for each CO location
  • Identify ILEC tandem locations within the designated LATA(s)
  • Identify all independent tandem locations within the designated LATA(s)
  • Identify all other Tandem functions and locations where OS, DA, interLATA toll
  • and interexchange access is provided

CLEC NXX Activation Date

  • Complete agreements with E911 PSAPs
  • Issue ASR(s) and establish due dates for SS-7 "A" links. NOTE: SS-7 "A" links must be functional before trunk testing can begin
  • Determine the database access through the SS-7 provider. This will include LIDB, 800 and LNP
  • Decide on the method of updating the LNP database
  • Obtain an SS-7 certification with the SS-7 provider
  • Issue ASR(s) for OC-X, DS3 and DS1 and establish due dates for facilities between the ILEC and CLEC central offices
  • ILEC and CLEC interconnect facilities and begin acceptance testing
  • Joint testing between CLEC and ILEC of facilities and routing
  • Joint testing between ILEC and CLEC of facilities and routing
  • Perform LNP testing with the LNP database provider, SS-7 provider and the ILEC
  • Establish a joint task force with the ILEC to develop OSS interfaces for order entry, provisioning, maintenance and trouble reports
  • Decide on how to handle Operator calls
  • Decide on how to handle billing issues
  • Establish a joint task force with the ILEC to develop billing interfaces for exchange of billing data.
  • The same arrangement must be established with Long Distance service carriers (IXC)
  • Create test billing tape for CLEC central office
  • Perform billing verification with ILEC and IXC
  • Decide on how to handle Yellow Page and Directory listings, information and distribution. Work with ILEC Account Manager
  • Establish target date for switch activation and turn up to network

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CLEC Status Obtained

  • Identify any interconnection or collocation sites and develop preliminary network architecture.
  • Identify primary interconnection point for interconnection to ILEC and the public network
  • Develop a preliminary estimate of total lines, prefixes, numbers, CCS/MS and traffic distribution and growth rate. Estimate the switch size based on these assumptions
  • Identify any Virtual Number Groups required in the serving LATA and central office interconnection for these number groups
  • Preliminary estimate of facility types and trunk group identification for each (CLEC) central office.
  • Develop an initial demand and facilities chart based on assumptions made above. This chart will be used until it can be updated with actual traffic measurements
  • Identify and initiate a meeting with ILEC Account Manager(s)
  • Formally advise the ILEC, in writing, on the collocation method(s) and central office locations and request a response on availability and cost. Provide ILEC a tentative collocation equipment layout and floor plan for each location. Meet with ILEC engineers to resolve any problems and to answer questions on wiring, interfacing and other details

Interconnect Agreement Finalized with ILEC(s)

  • Obtain franchise agreements with each serving city
  • ILEC begins interconnection construction
  • Request NXX codes from the network number administrator ( LOCKHEED ).
  • 66 days are required to update the LERG ( Local Exchange Rate Group )
  • Obtain CLLI codes for the CLEC central office(s)
  • Obtain OCN code
  • Select an SS-7 provider for transporting calls
  • Identify preliminary E911 and PSAP requirements
  • Identify any special taxing arrangements for local franchise or E911 service tax
  • Finalize the network facilities and trunking architecture
  • CLEC begins construction at collocation sites
  • Issue ASR(s) to ILEC for trunks and establish due dates for completion.